9.5 Inch Huge Electric Dildo (Brown)

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    • Dildo has large size 9.5”x 4.26”and has been Passed by thousand youtube and facebook famous players and other authentic have done the real testings, really better than the companion size and comfort of the hardness.There is a 52 years old woman who had ten years without sexual orgasm, but only a short of 8 minutes let her reached a satisfied climax, she said it gave her a lifetime of unforgettable feeling.this suction dildo is the best sex toys she has
    • Dildo, better than the companion’s penis is also comfortable new novelty electric dildo, from inside to outside are as real penis, Give you an experience just like handsome men face to face with you , 7 different frequencies, better than partner to meet your deep desire to give you from the pleasure,rapid absorption of body temperature, and you blend, regardless of the vagina, or anal sex, feeling very comfortable and true, you will get climax constant night
    • Dildo with 7 frequency vibration , only a key to get climax, 200% instantaneous explosive power, with a strong suction cup, can be arbitrarily adsorbed on the smooth surface, high frequency pumping vaginal anus, so you do not need hands when masturbation, feels full and satisfied, continue to stimulate your g spot, goes to orgasm,exciting and amazing are fulfil to your sexsual lives
    • Dildo, 100% natural liquid silicone dildo,strong suction cup dildo,no allergies, no bad smell, washable, USB Fast charging, powerful vibrating dildo.Long Using time let your passion never break, exclusive according to the female body design of the glans, easy to insert your vagina and anus
    • Dildo, more thicker than the partner, more bigger, more exciting, this penis toy gives you more satisfied with the sex experience.perfect adult toys for women sex.stimulate the breast, stimulate the clitoris, pumping the anus and vagina, body massage, rapid orgasm, soothing lonely, to help improve the quality of life, Improve sexual chilly, acquired orgasm, sex foreplay flirting, SM players soothing experience, oral training, mirror masturbation
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